Brazilian Slate

We offer a range of Brazilian roofing slate under the brand-name ‘Rio”.

  • We have been importing Brazilian slate for over 20 years and are familiar with all the quality producers in Minas Gerais. We are confident that the range of Brazilian slate that we offer is the very best that Brazil has to offer
  • In our experience with Brazilian roofing slates over the last 20 years, we recommend to only deal with the 5-7mm grade
  • We offer Brazilian slate not only as a roofing material, but also as an architectural material in flooring, paving, work-top and slab applications
  • There are a large number of Brazilian slates on offer in the market but it is crucial that prospective customers realize that a lot of this material is suitable for flooring tiles and not as a roofing slate. Our testing has revealed that this poorer slate can have a higher calcium carbonate content, high water absorption properties and many do not pass the old acid immersion test of the BS 680