Dreadnought Tiles


  • Dreadnought are recognized as one of the best quality manufacturers of clay tiles in the world
  • They have been producing tiles at the same site for over 200 years, and are the oldest traditional clay tile manufacturer in England
  • They pride themselves on offering the best quality naturally produced clay tiles on the market
  • The raw clay (Etrurai Marl) used to make these tiles is renowned for its high quality
  • Dreadnought is one of the only tile manufactures to not add any colours or artificial pigments in their tiles. The different colours are created by carefully modifying the oxygen levels in the kiln
  • Dreadnought tiles are available in both smooth and sand-faced finishes
  • They are available in a range of colours including:
    • Staffordshire Blue
    • Blue brindle / dark
    • Brown antique
    • Brown brindle / brown heather
    • Country brown
    • Red blue blend
    • Red
    • Plum red


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