Z Stone Panel


  • Z Stone comes in a pre-formed concrete backed panel
  • It is available in a wide range of colours and stones
  • Each panel is applied to the wall using LBS adhesive
  • Z Stone comes in a box with 4 pieces:
    • 2 x large panels which measure 600 x 220 x 45mm
    • 1 x medium sized panel which measures 400 x 220 x 45mm
    • 1 x small sized panel which measures 250 x 220 x 45mm
    • Allow for +/- 5mm tolerance on the size of the panels as Z Stone is a natural product
  • Z Stone can be applied to any surface which can hold its weight of circa 85kg per m²
  • Most commonly, Z Stone is fitted to a concrete wall
  • In timber frame situations, Z Stone can be applied to high density backing board and this board can then be fixed to the timber frame structure


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