Penrhyn 'Bangor Blue'®


  • Penrhyn Bangor Blue roofing slates are generally accepted as the best quality roofing slates found anywhere in the world
  • They have been produced at the Penrhyn quarry outside Bethesda, since the late 1700s
  • Penrhyn slate deposits date back to the Cambrian era (600 million years ago) and pre-date most other slate deposits found in other parts of the world. The slate deposits in this quarry are extremely pure and free from damaging impurities
  • Penrhyn slate is an attractive purple or heather blue colour, and these slates cover many of the world’s most prestigious buildings – from Buckingham Palace in London to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin
  • These slates have worldwide appeal and, in addition to the home markets of Britain and Ireland, are popular in France, Germany, Holland, Australia and New Zealand
  • Bangor Blue slates come in standard sizes of 50x30cm (other sizes available on request) and in 3 thicknesses: Capital grade (5.5mm nominal thickness) County grade (7.5mm nominal thickness) Celtic grade (9.5mm nominal thickness)
  • Penrhyn roofing slates conform to BS EN 12326-1: 2014 (W1, S1, T1), hold BS Kitemark certification, and are generally expected to outlive the life of a building
  • Bangor Blue slates have a life expectancy measured in centuries and a 100 year guarantee


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