Reclaimed Slates and Tiles


In addition to new slates, we also buy and sell a comprehensive range of second hand slates, tiles and ridge tiles.

  • These include salvaged Welsh ‘Bangor Blue’ slates, Welsh ‘Porthmadog’ slates, Killaloe green Irish slates and Westmorland green slates
  • We also offer second hand rosemary clay roof tiles and Staffordshire blue ridge tiles
  • Salvaged Slate can be a good option for ‘matching’ in or replacing existing roof structures but we would generally not recommend them on a new roof
  • There tends to be a higher wastage factor, and even the best quality Welsh slates have a finite lifespan and will start to deteriorate after a hundred years or so
  • If you are considering reclaimed slates for your project, have a chat with one of our technical sales team and they will go through the options
  • Another option for our customers to consider if they are looking for a ‘reclaimed’ look is the LBS range of Snowdon XLs in reclaimed heather and reclaimed green


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