Z Stone Fitting Instructions

The Z-Stone system comprises of 2 panels at 600 x 220mm, 1 panel at 400 x 220mm and 1 panel at 250 x 220mm. (Allow for +/- 5mm tolerance on the size of the panels as Z Stone is a natural product.)

Note: There are 4 pieces per box. These can be used in most situations to achieve the desired finish. For special applications, i.e. curved or radial walling, please contact our team.


A step-by-step guide on how to fit Z-Stone wall cladding

Z-Stone will not require a foundation, as it is a self-supporting unit.

It is best to apply Z Stone to a concrete block wall free from any coatings e.g. gypsum, paint, loose plaster. The substrate must be deemed sound to support the weight of the product which is in excess of 85kg per m². All new build concrete substrates containing mortar must be constructed a minimum of 7 weeks prior to fitting Z Stone cladding.
Always begin by quantifying the area. We recommend measuring out the area for regular panel (below 3m) and Sky panel (above 3m). Work out the quantity of square metres you require by multiplying the width by the height (add 10% for wastage) and remove the areas for windows and door openings. You can work out the quantity of corner pieces you require by calculating the total linear height of the external wall corners required. Reveal corners must be measured separately.

It is important to measure from the top of the wall to the bottom to ensure you finish with a full- size panel at the top. This commonly means cutting the first course so that it is the desired height. Mark out the first course and cut a wooden batten and ensure it is level. Once levelled this batten can be nailed to the wall and you are ready to begin. You should leave the batten in place for a minimum of 48 hours. You can come back to the first course at the end of the job.

Before you start, ensure the wall is clean and level. If the wall needs to be waterproofed make sure that the waterproofing liquid is compatible with our adhesive. We recommend using Hydro Ban waterproofing membrane. If you have any queries, please consult LBS technical prior to waterproofing.

Mix the LBS Z Stone Adhesive and generously apply with a notched trowel to the wall and a smooth skim to the back of the panel. We recommend a minimum of 6mm on both surfaces. Adhesive mixing instructions can be found on each bag. Note that one 15kg bag of adhesive will cover 2-3 m² of panel. Z Stone must not be fitted externally when temperatures are forecast to be 5°c or less or more than 35°c degrees for the next 48 hours.
If the wall has any external corners, you must use the pre-made corner pieces and fit these first, alternating the long and short legs to give a broken bond effect so as not to show any joints within the vertical course of the Z-Stone. Internal corners can be created by bonding two panels together.
Please note: if you intend to return your pre-made Z Stone Corners into window or door reveals you should have your blockwork recessed by 50mm to allow corners to return and not obstruct window or door openings. Z-Stone may not be returned on the underside of window or door heads. To achieve a finish here, use a special width steel support lintel, or alternatively finish with slate reveal unit or rubbed-up plaster detail. Expansion tape is available to neatly close of any remaining gaps and provide a weatherproof finish.

Always tap the panel into the wall using a rubber mallet to ensure sound contact between the panel and the wall, and displace any trapped air pockets. There is no need to put any adhesive into the joints, as this is a dry joint product.

Work your way along the wall and remember to always alternate the different sized panels to stagger the joints. The Z shaped format on the panels allows one panel to fit seamlessly into the next, creating a stunning natural stone façade.

*For Contemporary Z-Stone panel, fit in broken bond format as per traditional tiling methods.

If a unit has to be cut to a reduced size to finish the wall, always cut the Z shape joint, as this will maintain the seamless finish. During the fitting process, all cutting of Z Stone panel should be carried out by using table saw with diamond tip blade and water supply.
It is good practice to buff off any excess visible mortar with a mini grinder prior to installation. This allows for tighter jointing. From time to time you may need to pop the stainless-steel fixing clip at rear of Sky Panel to achieve tighter fit to wall. If this creates a void at front of clip, fill this void with Z Stone adhesive.

As mentioned earlier, the Sky panel format must be used when fitting on heights of 3 metres or above. The Sky panel comes with integrated stainless-steel clips for added fixing security in conjunction with LBS Z Stone Adhesive. You can then drill these panels into the wall. Screws and plugs are provided as part of the Sky panel system. When fitting Z Stone to external chimneys at ridge level, we always recommend using SKY panel.
When finishing off the top edge of the Z Stone along the straight edges or verge lines, you should always seal accordingly to prevent water ingress.
Finish by removing the timber batten at the base of the wall and installing the first cut course. Hose down and clean the wall, ensuring it is clean and free from mortar.
When fitting Z Stone onto a structure which requires a backing board, you must ensure that appropriate backing support is used (LBS Cementboard). This must be secured either a timber or metal frame with appropriate fixings and must be guaranteed to support the Z-Stone system, weighing in excess of 85kg per m².
All Z Stone used in this application must be Sky panel format and each unit must be mechanically secured with fixings supplied by LBS.
For ICF builds please see our instructions for fitting Z Stone onto an Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF Structure)
*LBS recommend you consult your timber/metal frame engineer to check that the design and fixings are appropriate for support.